When my mom died in 2014, I was shocked to find that her profile on Facebook was suddenly changed to “memorial” mode and therefore I was no longer able to log into it. (If you’re tempted to tell me I’m dumb for using it, I don’t disagree, but save it for another thread...she and I kept in touch over FB because it was easier for her to manage.)

I think it was triggered by their monitoring of things and seeing keywords like “funeral” and “passed away” associated with her account, then having a person on their end change its status. Or something like that.

What I hadn’t known about (or I would have used it) was the legacy contact setting where she could have set me as the contact so I’d have at least a little access and control. But because of their strict policies, I’m forever locked out.

I get why they need to do this (to avoid fraud and impersonations) but the fact that there are zero documents or proofs I, as the executor of her estate, can provide that Facebook will accept to make an exception seems unnecessarily severe.

Anyone else experience this? Known workarounds?

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    If there are no documents even a bank, where everyone knows who you are can give you access to her accounts.
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    Why do you need to access her account?
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    @stop you mean CANNOT give access?
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    @electrineer I’d like to pin posts from her timeline for friends who’ll see it when I share it on my wall and tag her profile. I also want to see if I can use the download content feature to get an export for long term family history archives.
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    @stackodev is there no last will or an document that verifies that you are an executor of her estate?
    there must be an document. The Gouvernment is fat and slow but the the requirement to document everything could help.

    Here in Germany it would be much easier, with the certificate of death that is a requirement for nearly everything related with dead.
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    @stop it’s Facebook, not the government, that I’m dealing with on this. They told me there’s no amount of proof that will let them make me a legacy contact. It’s really aggravating.
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    @stackodev so the only way to get access is the court.
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    @stop haha, yeah, me with my hundreds against Facebook with its billions. I’m sure I’ll get a fair hearing. LOL
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    @stackodev its sad that your right and reality in the usa
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