My laptop of 4+1/2 years has bit the dust. Come at the worst time too, was just about to hand in an English essay but it refused to boot and went straight into a blue screen, shut it off and then when it booted it up again, it had a bunch of white lines along the screen with a blue screen, then went straight off.

For now, using anothers laptop but that essay is still due.. can only code in Python right now. Struggling to breath...

Farewell, bLaptop, my only hope is that we can get your contents.

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    I feel you. I had a total bsod 2 weeks before the deadline of my BA thesis. I hope you had a backup?
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    @CoffeeNcode Sorry! Been very inactive on all my devices because of a cold (different rant/different time), I did indeed NOT have a backup and I am still waiting upon my laptop to be fixed to give in the aforementioned essay.

    Thank you for your concern and ouch! That sounds terrible
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