So slack is great. It really is. But you can't bulk delete messages so if you're using the free version prepare to delete 10k by hand.

Yeah so our team is switching to something like chanty.


Any suggestions for free team messaging tools?

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    @nemyxa telegram is not suited for thread based messaging hahah.

    @ThatDannyBoy I'd highly recommend looking into https://rocket.chat/
    I haven't used it personally but it's open source and can be self hosted and it looks fairly feature complete :)
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    Quick question, why would you need to bulk delete messages?
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    @Fell 10k max total messages on the free plan
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    @ThatDannyBoy what a garbage pricing method!
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    @nemyxa you cant host a private telegram server, sadly

    We use riot.im with the team, the mobile client is meh but works pretty well otherwise
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    Chanty - the free version or the paid one?
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    @ThatDannyBoy Slack did it on purpose so you will be forced to pay premium 🤓

    How about Discord?
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    @ThatDannyBoy You are wrong. It keeps only 10k messages in history. You dont need to delete anything. You just cant accees too old messages
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    @ThatDannyBoy But aren't the oldest messages automatically deleted (or at least you can no longer access them) once you hit the 10k cap?

    We recently hit that level, and none deleted a single message.
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    If you want even more threading than Slack, try Zulip.
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    Any idea about using Discord + bots for this?

    It's been a long time since I last used Slack, dunno how much they improved it.
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    @irene Fair point. Slack cant either, last I checked. I guess theres some open source ones that can.

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