So I want to get a bird. A conure. And I really want to get one but I’m deathly afraid I’m not gonna be a good owner. I’ll sacrifice a fuck ton for it and I will commit to taking care of it and befriending it but I’m just really really afraid.

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    I would suggest going to forums or communities about birds to learn how to take care of them.

    You could also visit a veterinary clinic and ask for advice.

    I would also suggest to get a young one so that it will bond with you easier.
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    I think it would be easier to adopt a child
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    You are lucky. Where I live, I couldn't just get -one- without being public shamed and forced to either get a second one or give it away again.

    In fact that's the only reason why I don't have a little bird friend.

    Take good care of your future bird friend.
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    Just don't clip it, whatever you do.

    Clipping a bird will fuck it up for life because you're taking away its defense mechanism, and its freedom too. This means the bird will become much more aggressive when it's afraid because that's all it can do: attack in the hopes of driving the scary thing/person away. Flight is also what requires a bird to think the most; depriving it of this sentences it to a life of mental boredom, and after awhile the bird's intelligence absolutely suffers. Letting the feathers grow back doesn't fix it; once a young bird has been clipped, the damage to its brain development is permanent. It will never learn to fly as well, and it will never be as intelligent.

    Please don't clip your bird.
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    I recommend a green cheek conure because they're quieter and just as playful and friendly. Sun conures are prettier, but they have a very loud and grating voice. Many people have a hard time being around them. Green cheeks' voices are positively pleasant by contrast.
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    @Root It's my prefered bird. Sadly I can't. >:
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    @Root I’m also against clipping the wings, it should be able to fly around. And I was thinking a pineapple Conure because of the coloring.
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    @Bubbles Pineapples are cute 😊
    They're a mutation of green cheek conures, so my recommendation stands!
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    @Root I completely agree they look amazing, I’m just worried I won’t be a good enough owner so I’m contemplating not even getting one. But I really think I can make it work but I should just be responsible
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    @Bubbles Aw. I think you'll do well
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    @Root Thank you :)
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