To all "StackOverflow is BAD" ranters - give link or don't post. And even before, please read


Facebook/Instagram era taught people that it's easier to just ask question gazzylion of times before doing research / using search (even "site:stackoverflow.com" search)

I do rarely post on SO just because in 99% of cases I find solution when preparing my question during research or due to yellow duck effect.

When I got qualified to do reviews on questions I started to see how often they are so abroad or so primitive than 10min of duckduckgoing would solve it. But no, it's easier to use other people for you.

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    Even if I link 5 somewhat related SO posts but not completely people mark it as duplicate from one of those questions I linked. While in my post I do explain why those solutions did not work.
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    @Codex404 duplicate is done via voting, you get notification when at least one person does that. You can react to that explaining in better detail why it's different (do not think that every person will understand your words as you do).

    Duplicates are shut down to make SO more topic-wise when one question has multiple answers in one place. Therefore when something is not working anymore, you can simply comment it and add another answer below.

    Great meta topic on that: https://meta.stackexchange.com/ques...
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    SO mods are so salty.
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    @alkuzad I do understand the need for dupemarking, but if I link the post myself and explain that the thing isnot what im looking for because of an explanation and it's still marked as duplicate then I get annoyed.

    And where would I be able to fight it being marked as dupe?
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    Also I do think like that about SO because the other stackexchanges are not like that. Superuser, tabletop rpg, linguistics etc do value my posts in the same format. My average question upvotes there is 6, on stackoverflow its about 0.5
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