Finally got a new laptop at work!
The first thing to do: install linux in it so the beast could roar free.

Download mint iso, dd it into an usb drive, boot it up in uefi mode, .... /dev/sda read error: -110. Fuck, must be smth w/ secure-boot. Disable it, rinse and repeat. Same error. Wtf, could my drive be broken?
dd iso into another usb drive, boot live env -- read error. THE FUCK! It's wildly unlikely my both usb drives died on the same fucking day!

Go to it admin to ask for an usb drive. Iso->usb, boot -- live env is up. My my, look who's unfortunate today :)

cryptsetup, install, reboot et voila, the beast is finally roaring!

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    Linux Mint so it can roar free?
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    Is this the look of the mint system monitor? I haven't been using Windows for quite a while but that system monitor reminds me of Win10 😅
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    @xic3fox you're correct, it IS w10 system perf monitor :) took the pic before installing linux next to default w10 installation the lappy came with
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    Poor poor thing
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    Ah i got it :D
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    @jespersh which one? 😁
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    @netikras try burning the iso with etcher or rufus next time - I've had situations where I've gotten the setup to boot only after dd'ing the same image on the same USB twice. Don't know why but that's my two cents.
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