Proton is some of the most amazing software I have ever used. More games are updated all the time to gold and platinum. With the recent release of v4.2, the first major proton release downstream from wine 4, the situation has improved to a greater degree than ever.

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    Is getting better for multiplayer games? I heard that lots were having trouble, mostly because of anticheat software that were doing some heavy Windows stuff.
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    Even it's more heavyweight than electron?-)
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    Proton is behind Wine 4.5 though
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    Yes, 4.2 is a lower number than 4.5.
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    So closer to Linus' hope from 2014 for Valve to save the Linux desktop: https://youtube.com/watch/... ? -at about 10:56.
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    Depends on which games. I played Raft with my brother and sister for hours, the other night. The ones that have the so-called "anti-cheating" prerequisite software, like fortnite and pubg, that does an evil deep-scan on your hardware, do not. Also, proton is only available without taking, for steam games.
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    @bahua Fair enough, thanks! True that all those, EasyAnticheat, Redshell, XingCode, etc. Are no different than spyware. Hopefully it'll evolve for the better.
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