What do you guys wear to work? I usually go to work in jeans and T-shirt. And I grow a mustache and beard. But my cousin is suggesting me to do clean shave and wear formals to work everyday. He says that it'll make a good impression in the workplace, like I take work seriously.

I do get his point because I automatically give more respect to people who come to office in formals. But I don't feel comfortable working in formals. Moreover my workplace is very casual and my manager, TL, VP all wear jeans (even torn) and tee.

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    You're hopefully there for your skills, not for looking good.

    I know, people tend to be superficial. That's a problem, people are idiots.
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    T-shirt, jeans and a jacket

    I'm a developer not a sales person :)
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    Whatever I damn well please. Some days I'll go in dresses or skirts, others I'll wear jeans and t-shirts. Doesn't matter much, nobody takes my authority or department seriously anyways 😅
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    Trousers and bright coloured shirt
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    One of my favourite parts of this profession is that you DON'T have to bow to social norms and uniforms. I feel most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans therefore I'll work best in them. Sure it might be a negligible difference but it's cumulative.
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    I just adapt to whatever the people around me are wearing, easy. Right now jeans and hoodie is accepted, yeah babyyyy
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    Clean t-shirt, notebook jeans, comfortable shoes
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    T shirt and Jeans... But damn!, some of my seniors even show up in pyjamas sometimes l
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    I wear a casual shirt and jeans, usually.

    That said, there's still some truth to the saying: Don't dress for the job you have but for the job you want to have.

    So if you're a dev and have no aspirations, t-shirt and jeans should be fine. If you want to climb the ladder somehow, formals and a clean shave would probably be a good idea.
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    As long as I'm not naked and I get shit done, all is good in the hood. :P
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    I think you need to dress down, not up
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