Working on a new payment gateway for one of my customers, and it turns out that instead of just specifying the parameters for what to include in the API call they want you to use their drop-in module for it...which is still written in PHP 4 and hasn't been updated since 2011. Also turns out that they only accept data formatted in XML.

Not insurmountable, but more than I feel like dealing with right this moment...

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    Welcome to the world of payment gateways. Many are horrendous. I've had to deal with botched soap services and libraries that haven't changed in the last 20 years before...
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    @AlmondSauce Sounds about right. This is my third one; first was so easy it created false expectations for the scond. Now this...
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    Are they really that bad?
    I've only ever worked with Stripe.
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    @Root Depends. Stripe and PayPal are so widely used that they are kept reasonably up-to-date. For smaller ones (like what your local bank’s merchant services might offer) it’s a crap shoot. One I’ve worked with was properly documented and worked as advertised. Another was moderately well documented, however half the functions (e.g. storing cards) didn’t work. Still another had no documentation; their tech just sent an HTML form and said “use this and write us if you have any problems).

    And then there was yet another (geez, didn’t realize I’d done so many) where it used an outside terminal and was supposedto post back the response to a specified link—but it didn’t actually post anything...
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    Probably going to write the processor and offer to update their code for a fee; see if we get a bite.
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    @Kaji Ah that makes sense. And best of luck with the fishing 😊
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    @Root Stripe is pretty much hands down the best from a Dev point of view. PayPal is fine if you're just doing simple one off payments or subscriptions, otherwise it gets complex.

    Many of the others are absolute nightmares. Worldpay is one of the worst for instance, and also one of the most widely used...
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