Here i am, sitting, refactoring, and asking myself why? WHY?

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    I see you are working on my coleagues code as well
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    I feel your pain.

    My colleagues are one step further:
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    louis armstrong sang "what a wonderful world" right?...

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    @ddephor yours is redundant but not magic number at least.
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    @neriald This type of enum doesn't add any information, so no difference to magic numbers. So useless and additional waste of resources.
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    @ddephor oh did you mean the ambiguity of mode_1 and mode_2? I thought you meant ... = 0
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    The number representing the 5th column in a data table really isn’t the problem but writing 8 lines of shite for something you can do in 2 is a different kind special
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    @neriald Yes, MODE_1 MODE_2 is useless anyway, having it started with 0 just adds a bit of topping to the cake. You just don't know what it means.

    It should be MODE_BEHAVIOUR_XY and MODE_BEHAVIOUR_WHATEVER, just meaningful.
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