Literally translated from dutch but I think you'll get it:

(Debugging stuff with customer)
Me: alright so in what area are you now, our customer panel or your hosting control panel?
Client: Rotterdam, why?


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    Bathroom, why?
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    Location based problem solving 😄
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    Bahahaha I nearly spilled my drink, thanks
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    Wonderful. Also pretty awful that I don't even doubt people are that stupid
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    Dropped my phone in laughter!
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    I also had an issue today and was also in Rotterdam... Please fix Rotterdam
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    Awkward moment 😂
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    It happened to me too... However the guy said a location that sounded like it could be a project name or perhaps a creative way to refer to something in the application. 15 minutes spent trying to figure that one out XD.
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    In front of my desk, why? 🤔
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    Reminds me of when a relative of mine was working in the motor trade and someone rang up to have their car looked at, when they asked what kind of car, they answered a blue one..

    To be fair, I've gone into electronic shops with broken parts I've no idea what they are and once one was blue, so I said, another one of these blue things please.

    I knew they was broken because they was all burnt..
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    It's funny because it's Rotterdam.
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    > The Beautiful South - Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)
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    @linuxxx This Kakhiel post mostly suits...
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