Amazing supermarket for customers, but the worst company to consultants:

- You have to badge in-out using wall-mounted computers running a MAINFRAME app using number and F keys to enter your times.
- They have an internal mailing system that they dubbed 'Notes' because making 'Mails' available to all superiors would be breaking privacy law.
- They won't let you work 1 day from home when there's a national public transport strike and you have no way of reaching the office.

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    I bet the mainframe hasn't had a problem, other than not feeling modern and shiny, since its IPL in 1987.
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    Sounds like shit.

    When you're bored just fuck them with GDPR compliance if you're in Europe.
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    @bahua it did work as expected, but also except for not being modern and shiny, the limited keyboard navigation (and absence of a cursor) wasn't very user friendly
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