wllcnbeofozbv3-#:(#:wiwjzvfoblaa!!! If someone says "I don't have Discord, I don't play games" once more - I will run them over with a road roller. 90% of servers I am a member of are either for some open source software, open source hardware or some other non-gaming related community so stop with that "But I'm not a gamer" bullshit!

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    Maybe those people think that open source software/hardware is a game 🤷‍♂️
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    Discord sucks :/
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    I don't have Discord and didn't even know it's used for games because I don't play games either.
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    Discord is marketed as a chat for gamers, so if a person doesn't play games or know what it's used for, it's reasonable for them to say that
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    The only reason we went from IRC to discord was for the offline log. I already had this set up for myself with a ZNC, but whatever.

    I like how easy it is to find and join active servers, but it blows my mind how long it takes to launch and how much effort it is to customize it. On my vertical screen only 1/3 of the width is used for the main text area.

    I see there are some efforts in connecting discord and irc servers but I haven't investigated it much.
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    @ltlian wow, how narrow is your screen? you can hide the memberlist on the right, btw.
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    Why are open source folks using discord?? Wtf
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    @git-gud I like being able to see who's online, but I don't need the channels column visible. For servers where there's only a handful of channels I end up with a big giant area of nothing.

    I know you can customize it with css but then I risk having to maintain it between updates.
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    I don’t use discord because I don’t play games... but for real, that app is promoted by developers as app for gamers. And either way, that shit is written in javascript/electron. I don’t need one more instance of chrome running in my machine, I bet it’s also slow as fuck, just like slack and everything else of electron is.
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    Oh and also: I don't use discord, but I ay games. I just prefer easier to use alternatives whose design doesnt look like some smartphone game
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    Learn IRC ..
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    I dont have discord, i refuse to use electron apps
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    Maybe people like me had absolutely no idea about this 😱😍
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs it's slightly faster than slack. But both take twice as long as unity blender Photoshop or visual studio to boot up on my machine. Unfortunately I have to have both running for work :( I hate this new era of electron "apps" that leave you with ten instances of a friggin chromium browser when it wouldn't have been much more work to code the damn thing in native
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    Discord sucks massively, but I use it because others do. And they don't even use it a lot.
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    >run them over with a road roller

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    @SevenDeadlyBugs it's not bad tbh
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