One of these days i'm gonna pop a blood vessel, trying to keep all my dotfiles organized: syncing the files themselves is easy, just shove them into git, the problem is that i have to install dependencies on different distros (Arch, Debian and Ubuntu):

The package names are different, the paths are different, fuck with Debian i need to compile from source anyway because most of the packages i need aren't available. Its taking me so much time writing distro-specific installers, just so i can deploy my setup on different machines...

Its at times like these that you appreciate just how mind-boggling fragmented Linux is as a platform :D

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    Enter Docker.
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    I hate that some libs install into $HOME but newer ones into $HOME/.config/<pkg-name>
    (I understand the things that led to this difference).

    I hate symlinkg and remembering where is what.
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    @Fast-Nop woah... how would you fix this situation with docker?
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    @erandria Application deployment under Linux has always been shit. The Linux community has failed to resolve this, but has at least come up with light weight containers to work around that without needing full-blown VMs: Docker.
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    so you mean having your own Dockerfile, or even a docker image online, where all your apps are installed?
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    @erandria Something like that. That's a way to have something portable across Linux distros.

    You don't want to write installers for every Linux distro because that's a pointless waste of human lifetime that only distro maintainers seem to enjoy for whatever reason.
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    That's why I run the same distro across all devices. The only difference across all dotfiles is one single line because the laptop needs a battery status indicator and the desktop doesn't.

    Makes managing the calls and paths much simpler.
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    At first I read this like "one of these days I'm gonna poop a blood vessel..." And I thought "oh my, that sounds very painful" then I read it again
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