I took a break from coding for a couple of days maybe weeks in the last time in order to do other stuff and now when i came back i realized a huge difference

Is it just me or is the programming life..... depressing...?

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    It is depressing, you're right
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    I can see a lot of workers in this field (including me) have huge psychological issues. I don't know exactly where these issues come from. After a while, I feel like I don't want to sit on a chair and deal with a machine anymore. I'd rather be a construction worker, cut wood or do something with my bare hands and sweat.
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    @rantsauce .....thats what i started to think in the last time. how bad is this?
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    @SukMikeHok this is definitely burnout. It's so bad, unfortunately.
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    @rantsauce how is it a burnout if I took a god damn long break
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    @SukMikeHok I quit my job and took a long break too but never got over my burnout anyway. Maybe because of other factors (depression). I don't know.
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    @rantsauce how do u buy food
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    @SukMikeHok luckily I have my family's support in the meantime.
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    @SukMikeHok I also have to say that I'm a fulltime student now so there's that.
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    @SukMikeHok savings?

    @rantsauce same here (thoughts-wise). However it is nothing like a burnout. It's just too much mental work for the brain and too little physical work for the muscles.

    Get a garden to look after. The itch will pass right away :)
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    @netikras taking care of a garden is a great idea! I don't mind leaving the city and being a farmer really. By the way, my sister sent me this photo she took today (if you like plants).
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    @rantsauce gardening does not need that much time. You could easily shuffle btwn garden and code.

    Nice pic :)
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    I'm not addicted, I can give up any time I want..
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    I code at work. I code for a hobby. I constantly think about code. I love problem solving and that's what coding allows me to do. I very much enjoy it. I've never found it depressing, just frustrating at times.

    I'm afraid one day the burnout will hit me hard. I've slowly tried to pick up some non-code hobbies like working out...but still I think about code.
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    As programming is generally a never ending supply of problems to solve, I can see how that could be depressing.

    But the day must come when you have solved everything. :-)

    Then what to do with the rest of your life !

    Reminds me of:


    > South Park - Make Love,

    > Not Warcraft - "Battle Won"
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    @rantsauce Well first of all psychological problems are more frequent with people in academics of any kind because mental illness correlates with intelligence. About 10% of the general population suffers from some mood disorder, while one study found 27% of people with IQ>130 to have a mood disorder.

    Secondly, a physically active lifestyle works well against most mental illnesses. Fulfilling social needs is also vital, and software development has one of the least social work environments I know. Team work is super important, but it often happens mostly over bug trackers and mailing lists, rather than personal social interactions.

    So yeah I don't think it would be very surprising for developers to have higher rates of for example mood disorders. But then again, in the latest StackOverflow survey, only 8.8% reported having one.
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    > latest StackOverflow survey, only 8.8%

    > reported having one.

    That's because the rest was too much in a mood to respond.. :-)
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    A therapist I once had told me that phrases like 'mood disorder' really means working with idiots.

    I found cutting folk like that out my life, improved my mood no end !
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    @Nanos lolol that's an unconventional thing for a therapist to say. Also, same 🙌
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    I tried a few, that one was IMHO really good.

    Never needed another one after that !

    They also did couple therapy, I remember when they listened to us both and after a short pause said to my then partner "I usually don't say this, but it's all your fault'.

    After that for some reason my then partner didn't want to go back..
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