So I was hacked, this guys encrypted all my files and asked me to pay BTC to decrypt it. They even changed my wallpaper and gave me put instructions on all my folder directories on how to pay and recover my files

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    For real? How did that happen??
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    WannaCry ✓
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    @rantsauce I don't even know, I just saw an unusual icon in my task bar and then I turned off my internet fast, but it was too late, all my files had been encrypted
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    Time to pull in the latest disk image from the regular system backup that you're doing anyway to deal with possible disk failure.
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    BitDefender may be able to help you unencrypt your files. Some of the other services out there might be able to help as well, depending on the type of encryption.
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    Regular backups are not only your friends, but your security against bad luck.

    Make a new habit of backing everything up. Make a cronjob for it. And yes, on separate hardware. With daily and weekly backups. That way you never lose more than a day's work, and a total failure (e.g. When your psu brings the blue sparks) won't get your backups too.

    But what about ransomware encrypting the backups, too? Your backup server should never serve a writeable backups directory.
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    @Root symlink your home directory to your one drive folder and you're done. Full version control backups
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    @seraphimsystems I prefer hardware I control.
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    @Root cool, how deep is your redundancy? And where is your off-site?
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    @seraphimsystems Single raid5 nas, plus external drive. No offsite backup. It isn't ideal, but it's what I have.
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    MacBook with every 12 hours backup + I version control almost every project.
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    What is your OS ?

    Something here might help:


    Some suggestions to help prevent future events:

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