It's my third week in my new company doing my internship. We have daily SCRUM meetings, project briefings, weekly meetings, requirement documents and other stuff - all in French. I only understand less than 50% of what's happening during most of the meetings. There's enormous pressure during meetings where I have to focus on every syllable they utter to try and grasp what's going on. So far they're still under the assumption that I understand more than I actually do. Haven't run into any major fuckups so far. I feel like an exe file in a Linux environment.

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    Take some French Wine and you might be able to do just fine :)
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    If you need some help with expressions or similar stuff, don't hesitate to ask.

    (Good luck)
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    I think it's only fair: if you only say half the syllables, you should expect people to get only half the meaning.

    (Yes, I totally failed French.)
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    Will never forget my first and last trip to france, where i ended up saying the phrase "give me a motherfucking mcchicken you filthy whore" at 3am in a mcdonalds
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    @ganjaman that sounds like a subject for a rant of its own
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    @alexbrooklyn I'm not a wine person really. But I do feel having a strong beer makes me better at French. xD

    @Jilano Thanks mahn. Appreciate it. :") Are you on Telegram or Discord or something?
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    First big error at work is let everybody think you are doing fine, understanding everything or without blockers, when you are clearly not.

    Pretty sure when you'll run into a challenge or a complex situation, and they figure out you are not in your 100%, they likely going to ask you why you didn't tell in first please about these blockers or push backs.

    Please, let you team/coworkers that you are having difficulties, pretty sure they are going to help you more than everybody here to achieve everything.

    Maybe the company can help you with a few intensive French clases to improve more every week and make your process less painful.
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    @exceptionalGuy Any kind of alcohol will make you less worried about how you might sound to others, hence you'll feel like you've progressed!

    I have a Discord account (same handle and #0871).
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