So I've been forced to do a new project with Spryker (PHP ecommerce framework) ... some of you guys may know that normally I do SAP hybris stuff (since a few years). I tend to rant about it (not just here but everywhere :-D)
But now as I'm trying to extend Spryker's domain model I realize how good hybris actually is ...

Well actually I alwas knew that the persistence layer is awesome (that's why I tried to implement a quite similar approach with https://core-next.io). But the rest is ... shit.

But Spryker's persistence layer - based on Propel - is ... just ... WTF. Designing tables and relations in XML on such a low-level-with-basically-no-abstraction-even-not-allowing-proper-inheritance WTF.

Fuck you Spryker, fuck you Propel, fuck you PHP. I want my beloved java-hybris-fuck-the-world-persistence-layer back ...

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