Me: PHP, please load the images.
PHP: No.
Me: Come on PHP, the deadline is tonight.
PHP: Haha nope.
Me: What if I swap the libraries?
PHP: Still no.
Me: What if I add a symlink?
PHP: No. And also I hate you.
Me: *gives up and sends an email to the client saying we have to delay the release*
PHP: lololol jk here's the images haha
Me: :/

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    such php
    many hate
    very wow
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    PHP 5.x is a a misbehaving child. PHP grew into v7.x and is now an adult. Use the adult PHP.

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    Your life must be a hard one 😓
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    Haha that's familiar
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    php 5.6.x is not a misbehaving child.. in fact i use 5.6.30 and everything seems okay.. :))
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    don't add me
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    honestly any PHP 5.6+ is OK. When php recently missbehaved... hrm...

    my last issue was caused becouse of nginx and that was awhile ago (apparently nginx fails to pass some information to php fpm and apache works just fine)

    hmm.. still thinking...

    I'm looking at actual PHP issues not bus in my code...

    still thinking...

    Oh, oh oh! I remember! One day I couldn't bind params in named prepared statement placeholders for some bizare reasons, but its long time ago patched bug. But it happened, so yeah.. Oh, and also that was bug with nesting shorthand ? instead of if...
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    >use gd library
    >php don't want to show the image
    >try again
    >php keep trolling me
    >Give up
    >next day wake and update the packages

    Drive me nuts all the time.
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    I will use some custom PHP codes on one of my websites i.e. http://magentodevelopmentcompany.com/...
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    Very Funny.
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    @DRSDavidSoft completely relatable.
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