Hitler sort: Delete every odd element.

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    Keep every element with blonde hair and blue eyes.
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    Wouldn't that be the ThanoSort?
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    Roman sort: delete every tenth element, then tell the rest of them to get their act together or suffer the consequences.
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    See also: miracle sort
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    This is genius!! 🤣
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    You're not supposed to change a list's content while iterating over it. 🤔
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    @kwilliams Thanos sort is when you delete half the array at random, and check if it is sorted. If it’s not, repeat the process.
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    @csatacsirke not very reliable, the "sorted" flag could change and that would produce a false positive
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    Kinda sounds your saying the Hitler’s ideal Arian ethnicity is ‘normal’ and that everyone else is ‘odd.’ So, careful how that comes off. 😬
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