All this talk of javascript fatigue, and yet when tools like parceljs come out people still regress to webpack... I don't get it

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    I was wondering when another packager would show up
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    Because the proliferation of tools and the pace of change are part of the problem?
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    Maybe because "parceljs babel" gives you this bullshit instead of some usable docs: https://parceljs.org/transforms.htm...

    Also wtf is this:

    This whole zero-config idea doesn't fucking work for things like bundlers.
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    @nitwhiz what's wrong with those docpages?
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    I agree.
    People complain about webpack config being a pain in the ass.

    Someone creates parcel.

    Then people complain about a new tool being created ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    what do people expect, for the web tooling to get better without new tools getting created?

    I know, let jquery release a new major version where it solves every problem right now with the web. A 10000 developer project.

    I don't think people understand the complexity of the situation.

    A lot of people tried to fix the js problems, and on each iteration we learn that their solution could be better.

    I have the impression that people have this impression that jsland is a matrix and people are creating these new tools wilfully to make the ecosystem worse. It's almost conspiracy level.

    This is all open source guys.

    If it's so easy to fix the entire js ecosystem, please go forth and do it.

    Oh, you can't do anything because you need to create packages and you would be breaking your sacred rule of not creating new packages?
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    "I have the impression that people have this impression that jsland is a matrix and people are creating these new tools wilfully to make the ecosystem worse."

    In web development, people are constantly trying to get working stuff that is beyond language's or browser's intended capabilities.
    E.g. we present you ES2016, while you can't run it yet nor current browsers or nodejs, not to mention their older versions. Then babeljs steps in to solve this, then babeljs + bundlers to run in this shit in browsers. Then one bundler's authors come to an idea- why only js when we can bundle whatever file?! So we get a tool which is config..ble till mountains fall into the sea, etc.
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    @norman70688 yes, and I understand the complexity and I appreciate the time people put for that to work so I don't have to have a hundred tags in a page

    and I can use await, import and spread syntax and write modern code without having to wait a hundred years for 1) the standards to settle 2) browsers to implement them
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    @norman70688 I'm not gonna lie, I do this everyday and some days I spend hours trying to get some basic webpack babel shit to work.

    it's not usual though, and I appreciate things like hot reloading because it makes my dev cycle a lot shorter
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    @erandria preach! Thank you! I thought I was alone in this.
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    @jespersh this one is actually like 2-3 years old. People sort of glanced over it...
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    @nitwhiz the point is that it's zero config. You just run "parcel index.html" and it does the rest of the work for you
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