woow PHPStorm is such an incredibly buggy piece of shit .... how can anyone work with such a buggy IDE?

It randomly looses settings on restart. A lot of functionality is just so poorly tested. Anyone ever really tried to work with the integrated DB tool?
Or the CSV plugin? there are countless bugs in both usability and function-wise.
But I guess that's because it's just plugins ... you know .. you don't need to use them ...
Is the PHP code formatter a plugin too? Guess I don't have to use it at all, if it randomly scrambles whole lines if I format with a missing } or some other improper syntax. Right, overall it's my fault, right??
Fuck you PHPStorm, and you IntelliJ too. you're not better at all.

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    I don't seem to experience the same issues that you describe, except for the settings reset. That happened today :/
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    None of these things ever happened to me. Except for the formatter thing maybe, but that's a non-issue, because it will highlight such issues beforehand and even if you miss it, it's just a matter of fixing the culprit and reformatting again.
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    @alexbrooklyn did you ever try the csv plugin?

    scrolling is not working unless your cursor is above the column header, click on the table view, reformats file, and adds an empty line with ,,,,,,,,,, tabs and spaces are randomly inserted, formatting/aligning works, but is lost once you switch to the table view

    database "plugin":

    connection is live, but no tables visible. Have to disconnect refresh multiple times to see tables again. using the edit table view is tedious, as there is not "select all" feature. Log out put is in a separate bottom panel, not using proper log output. error message partly unreadable because of lots of ...

    toolbar panels/buttons randomly reappear ("removed from toolbar" before).

    open panels get hidden randomly, sometimes they reopen, sometimes not

    and many more.

    I already posted so many bug reports for intellij and still no response (months ago). So I probably won't report them for phpstorm anymore ... shitty product arg
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    I use both PhpStorm and Intellij professionally. Haven't seen a better IDE tbh. Have not come across any issues with it. Code formatter always works as intended. Though I do not use built in DB tools. I use HeidiSQL for DB purposes. I also am not using the latest version. {I think I am on 2018.2}
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    I don't have any of the bugs you mentioned after using it for years and many different projects 🤔

    Database connection shows things properly (used with mariadb, mssql and postgres)

    CSV plugins does the job (used it yesterday)

    Settings stays in place, and god I've a lot of tweaked settings
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    I've to mention bugs can be present if you're using the EAP (test) version for free, but you can import your previous settings and I didn't experienced bugs with it either
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    @Jakuho it’s probably the way I work. If I let other people do stuff the same way I often see why people don’t have they same issues ... they just got used to work around them without even noticing ... oh yeah it does that but I simply do y to work around it.

    Btw I’m on the latest release, no beta or stuff
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    @mojo2012 eg I hate the comment functionality that also moves the cursir down (who the fuck though this could ever be a good idea??)

    So far I met noone that likes it that way but ppl just accept it and mive the cursor manually ...
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    @mojo2012 explain the "weird" way you work?
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    @Jakuho I like to use the keyboard ... a lot. I like to auto-format code, all the time, always, ever!

    I like to keep the noise out and don't want my IDE to show me stuff (like the always showing events log and "hey buys intellij pro now" messages, I fucking have it already you douch).

    I expect native mac shortcuts everywhere. So why does it not by fucking default have those shortcuts for like selection etc??
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    @mojo2012 EVERY shortcut in jetbrains' ide are configurable, and I edited most of it to suit my needs, I created a git repos where i save my configuration for each softwares I use, and many dotfiles for my os and more just in case.
    I also hide everything, including the sidebar showing files.
    I'm on Linux tho.
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    @Lyniven I use this feature to sync my settings, doesn't keep it from just randomly forgetting some settings ...

    Another bug just happend to me. I'm in the local history view (separate window). It is focussed. I just came back from another application and hit cmd-w to close the active window. But what happens? PHPStorm closes a tab in the background. FUUUUUUUUCK YOU YOU CRAZY PIECE OF SHIT. Not even standard-operating-system-feature like "window focus" is handled correctly ...

    Obviously it happens only if you switch back from another application WTF
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