Bought an ebook that turned out to be a .DRM file
...that only worked with that publisher's Android app
......that only works with Android versions < 6.0 (I use Android 9)
Tried it anyway, which among incompatibility issues, was raising a certificate error. I contacted the publisher about it
..."sorry, the author did not give us permission to sell this. You can have your money back"

Why are you even advertising it on your website as a publisher then??

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    But but but... Why?
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    @Codex404 I don't know, I tried buying another book from the same author and encountered the same, from another website. Guess I'll go with the paper version :/
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    @shinypotato at least those stay compatible no matter which year you are in
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    The ebook market is such a shitshow. EBooks almost always cost more than print books, and they even have DRM. It’s almost like they don’t want people to buy ebooks.
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    1. Download Calibre
    2. Add your ebook to the library
    3. Remove the DRM
    4. Convert to any format you want and use it as you please
    5. Profit?
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    @gioyik if you get caught in North Carolina, you can be sentenced up to 15 years jail and 24 cane strokes.
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    we don't have time for this shit. we should sue people stealing our time in this way
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