I never had a lot of faith in my dev competence to begin with.
It gets even worse on my current (and also first) job. So far I have been handed solo projects that I need to deliver in a small amount of time using tools I have no experience with. I have two other colleagues I can ask my questions, but they are too busy working on other projects they got handed. Which leaves me 80% of the time on my own.
The bright side of it is if I make it alive somehow, my resume will be diverse.

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    Do not worry! Keep pushing forward and one day you'll figure it all out. Best of luck in your projects :)
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    @rantsauce Thank you for the encouraging words! 🙂
    I hope it will be sooner that later.
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    Congrats on your first dev job. Google is your friend. You too will make it through and after that you will have allot more confidence in your self.

    It is just the way we all have cut our teeth.

    Best of luck!🍀
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    @S-falken Let's not forget SO too! 🤣
    Thanks for the supportive comment. 🙂
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