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Temperature causing temper!!!

Summer 2009...
Me: Dad, can me and sis go swim in the pool?
Dad: No son, you can only swim if it's 25°C or higher.
Which in practice meant that we could only swim a few days each summer. Average in Belgium used to be about 21°C.

Spring 2019, my younger siblings...
Little sis: Mom, can we go swim in the pool?
Mom: Lol sure, it's only April but it's already way hot enough.. and during summer it'll be too hot to do the work on setting up the pool anyway.

Winter 2029, in Antarctica...
Me, to my children: During my old days my children, we had this thing called snow!! And we lived in the wasteland that used to be the glorious Europe, back when it was still habitable.. you should've seen it, now it's a desert, but back then it was awesome!
My children: Mum!! He's acting senile again, and talking about things that don't exist!!!

Coming to the crux of the problem right now, fuck me.. I'm tired as fuck but can't sleep because already in the fucking spring, my house is too fucking hot to be able to sleep without sweating like a pig!!!
AaaaaAAAAA 😣

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    @rutee07 that'd be a pretty cool place to manage a datacenter indeed! 😜
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    One day last week it was 4°.

    The next day it was around 22°.

    What the fuck man. What the fuck
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    @Alice fwiw, I don't have any contact with my parents anymore and the only thing I regret about it is not doing it earlier 🙂
    Though it kinda sucks that I don't get to see my siblings anymore either tbh.. my mother has full control over them, control she's abusing so badly that the really shouldn't have it. My mother is an idiot. She's just doesn't realize it.. Dunning-Kruger at its finest I guess.
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    Winter is obsolete because it was actually a secret weather machine of the US Navy. They regularly cooled down the North Pole so that only their long range submarines would pass, but everyone has them these days anyway.
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    I completely got rid of my migraines
    Until the weather swings from day to day got so bad
    Already have low bp and it really messes with me :/
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