Will I ever get used to not seeing my colleagues everyday anymore after leaving a job? 😩

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    As sad as it may sound, life just keeps moving on
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    @asgs feels like I lose best friends every 6-12 months (im a consultant) 😩
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    @jelleken well, nothing is stopping you guys to be in touch outside of your work
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    @asgs meeeh.. / :)
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    @asgs ...you mean like being social? 😕
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    @broseph yeah, I know it is not easy for some (or most?) of us
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    Yeh, so sad, I leaved my friends I used to talk to them and share them my happiness as well as my sadness.
    Am a consultant and my mission finished the previous Friday, so they did for me a retirement party 😩😔,
    I was so sad 😔
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    Yeap, usually takes about 7-12 hours to get over it.
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