Other teams in my company are working with Angular 4 and NodeJS and my team is here working with JSF and Java 1.5.

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    You should be happy that you don't have to deal with crappy JS bugs.
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    @Zeu5 I have to deal with crappy Java 1.5 bugs that happen because people (including me) forget that some new stuff doesn't work on old versions.
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    @JavaSlave Atleast it's statically typed. ;-)
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    Story of my life!
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    Java 1.5?? 😱 That's prehistoric. I'd run away if I were you
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    @SupressWarnings Yeah. Anything below 6 is inhumane! Even 6 is.
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    We do Meteor, with Angular 1 organised in an Angular 2-ish way. I'm a backend guy though. (stop sniggering)
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    I feel you. Every time a group gets assign for a project with have while others are with nodejs makes me feel quite sorry for them.
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