My friend (not in CS) said his computer was a bit slow.
I told him I'd fix that for 10, he agreed.

I increased the cursor speed.
He bought it.

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    Absolute mad lad spotted
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    When non technical people think they can actually notice if their computer is a bit slower than it originally was.
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    @Alice He had 2 times more RAM than me, and I run Android Studio.
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    Maybe his mouse was accidentally switched to lower DPI
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    @irene I checked that. Wasn't the case. Checked the drivers too
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    10 what?
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    @lazyDev 10 $
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    Friend? Doesn't seem like something you'd do to a friend..
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    @alexThunder better take his money so he won't spend it on something even more stupid
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    @rEaL-jAsE I think he should take another 10$ for unexpected task difficulty
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    I feel the joke would be funnier if you'd give him the money back and laugh about it with him and not some random strangers. Maybe actually fix his problem while you're at it.
    Maybe you are tight enough to make such jokes, dunno. I for one wouldn't do that to a stranger, let alone a friend. I actually ended it with a friend that had similar 'jokes'.
    Hope your friend has a big sense of humor.
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    If he ever has an app idea for you, install some existing app for him and ask for payment
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    Have you given a though to a career in Politics?
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    @KunalB Ah, the classic gaming PC for people who have no clue what they are actually doing that costs 1200$, has a PSU with twice as much potential power than anything in there could ever need after upgrading hardware thrice, at least 32 GB RAM they won't ever need in their life but usage from Windows and some programs lets them think they do because they simply use what's available and the typical graphics card you could bake an egg on if it wasn't for the unnecessarily expensive water cooling system.
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    You’re breaking market with low price.
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    Bhai seriously ₹700 ?
    ₹10 ya $10?
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    Legend level +1000
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    @electrineer winner comment 🏆🏆🏆
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