Rough analysis of LinkedIn inmail’s I get:

Hi <5% of time, not my name>,

I was looking at your profile <97% a lie>. I was very impressed with your <10% something I’ve never done> experience working for <5% a company I’ve never heard of>. Would you be interested in hearing more about <60% a job I’m not suited for>, they offer amazing benefits and have a great culture!

... no

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    Ya or that one company that I had an interview with "using latest technology" BUT no Source Control at all, mixture of VB 6 and VB.Net, last but not least have two internet connection lines one for management only and the other one for rest of staff

    Oh and did I mention source control is replaced with zipped backups on the server T_T
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    Today someone sent a message saying we have a job opportunity for you and blah blah. I said I am not open to job opportunitues right now and they say thank you. I think that was a bot. Sorry poorly trained bot
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    I always politely decline, in case I need a job in the future. But inside I'm face-palming hard.
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    You can condense that down to...

    Hi <LIES>

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    So true
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    According to that, 0,97% of all job offers on LinkedIn are serious. May be wrong if I'm too bad in calculating probabilities
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    This is the life of a Dev now that LinkedIn is trolled by resume bots just matching keywords for Recruiters... 😧😧
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