Hate it when recruiters send a template asking about how skillful are you in <insert language here> on a scale of 1-10.

A recruiter sends me a questionnaire, which had almost 10-12 questions. I spent almost 30-40mins, explaining in detail about my past experiences and answering all of them. The next day I got a reject without even a phone call. :/

Why do recruiters even do this without even as much as giving a call to a candidate, and assessing them with a test?

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    I mean, the company I will work for in summer had a questionnaire with about 25 languages/technologies and a scale from 1 to 5, also including the year one started using a language. However, that didn't take me even close to 30 minutes, and questions about past experiences and all of that stuff only got relevant at the actual interview.

    Maybe you should give recruiters that hint in order to maybe save some other dev's time (that is, if the recruiter takes your advice into consideration).
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    @Alice 😂😂😂 I want to play around like that too.
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    Yeah, I think I exaggerated with the time a bit. I guess it took around 25mins. @filthyranter they had asked me everything regarding my past experiences, the projects which I've worked on so far, why I want to work at this company etc.
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    @filthyranter i didn't get the last paragraph. Can u elaborate please?
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    @beefdead Tell recruiters that waste time with questionnaires that they should only be asking a lot of questions when actually being sure that their candidate is a good fit.
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