Senior: I've been programming for a long time. I know JavaScript.

Me to myself: I've seen your code, it is shit.

Senior: (builds JSON with string concatination)

Me to myself: ...

What am I to do? The system is full of stuff like this, and minimal support from management to fix and rewrite.

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    wha a fucking piece of shit, sorry you're dealing with this
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    But what the hell? That isn't even JSON! JSON uses double quotes!
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    @ScriptCoded it's still js land, so probably doesn't need to, JSON.parse
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    Tell him, dont be disrespectful though.
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    @jesustricks the json format is way more strict than javascript.
    Double quotes needed, no trailing commas
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    If you do code reviews, just don't accept garbage code. You can improve code over time and keep it clean only by doing strict reviews.
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    oh, my eyes!
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    @Codex404 yes my brain stopped working for a second.
    so either a very irrestrictive json parser or this shit doesn't even run, im starting to think the latter
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    Oh boy
    Welcome to devRant btw
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    Senior != good developer
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    Fire him.

    Or barring that: rewrite a segment of his code in a tenth the lines. Some people just stop learning after awhile and need a literal kickstart to realize there are still things they don't know.
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    Seems like my coworker
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    "Senior" - 1 year experience, 14 years repetition. I cant be 100% sure from the screenshot that you're in JS land, but if you are show him JSON.stringify()
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    Rewrite that shit for the next dev ... Live im on 6 shiti projet and i try change my job....
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    Show him how to do it better.
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    Oh Lord does he even use JSON.parse or does he parse everything manually
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    @Llama Damn man, I cannot tolerate that kind of bullshit. Please change your team or job. You deserver better than that. I feel sorry for you
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    Fucking wow. Your senior dev needs a promotion to tea boy. That is the single most ingenious thing I've seen as a developer. A true pioneer
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    What. The... 😱😱
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