I've got to make hololens gallery in Unity as a test for a new job. I've spent half of yesterday trying to make it work. I managed to build the scene, but failed at making it work in emulator. I'm trying to run it using VS2019, but project needs Windows Mobile SDK. I think I've installed everything I could find and could have been installed. I tried removing this manually and launching but obviously it didn't work.
Has anyone played with Hololens?

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    Install the proper tools:


    Once you build for the hololens from Unity, you can run the Visual Studio project that was built and target the emulator from there.

    Visual studio 2019 is not supported yet, AFAIK.
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    Ensure your player settings are set properly. You need to enable Microphone, client-server and something else.

    Your camera needs to be set up properly, ensure you have black as your clear color.

    You also need to ensure the Holographic Emulation window is open.

    here's another link: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how...
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    @fire-phoenix Thanks. I'll look into it a bit later. Maybe it is VS problem. I used their tutorial on github.io.
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    @fire-phoenix I've checked this project with VS2017. After recreating example project, reinstalling SDKs, rebuilding and removing Windows Mobile from projects SDKs I managed to launch it in emualator. Also, it didn't want to work without Microphone.
    Thanks! I think I'll be able to start working on a project now :)
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    @Agred Awesome! Glad you were able to get it working!
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