just had a movie script idea

in the future, humanity found a way to deal with the problem of death.

humans now live up to 200 years, but their bodies deteriorate very fast.

so instead of keeping them on classic life support, people's heads are succesfully severed and their their brain is plugged into a machine , so that they can live in a digital AI heaven.

This also means that in turn people can talk with their parents that had been in the system already.

So there you go, an artifficial heaven.

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    This somehow remind me of both Futurama and Psycho Pass

    Futurama for the severed heads that are keep on their containers, this on the Head Museum

    Psycho Pass because there's a place where there are stored a lot of brains that aren't quite "dead" as they're connected to a kind of system. They just doesn't have a body anymore and are inside a container (like the heads of Futurama)
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    "It's quick, it's clean, and it's pure. It could change your life, rest assured. It's the 21st Century Cure! And it's my job, to steal and rob... Graves" - "Grave Robber" Repo! The Genetic Opera, 2008
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    Black Mirror have already shot it :)
    no spoilers
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    Uh... Who's becoming "His Holy Shadow" next?
    --- Lexx
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    @RiderExMachina I don't recal cookies.. Although I watched that part over a year ago 😁

    edit: just googled it. Yep, cookies 😁

    edit2: umm.. If you're referring to white christmas, then no, not that part :)
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    @netikras Yes, season 3, episode 4, if I'm not mistaken. Probably one of my favourite of all time. The actresses, story, music... Love it all.
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    I kind of remember that episode. I like what I remember of it. The entire season is hit or miss for me: I love some episodes and despise others, but such are anthology shows.
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    @M1sf3t I love that movie 😄
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    It’s basically the plot of Soma. Very good game.
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    I'm not sure I'd call having to work in a call centre 24/7 for 150 years to pay off your mortgage, heaven..

    Reminds me a bit of:


    > The Man with Two Brains (1983)

    > Official Trailer - Steve Martin,

    > Kathleen Turner Movie HD

    A blast !
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    You know, some of us move thousands of miles to get away from our parents..
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    This sounds mostly like Altered Carbon. You should watch, it's a good show.
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    I wrote this literally moments before falling asleep, I almost drop my phone twice.

    I initially thought of saying that my idea was very likely implemented in some film, and not awfully lot original.

    I appreciate people mentioning movies where it was implemented, but no one being like "duuuh, dude, ofc it was done".

    There is also a similar instance (except for the meeting parents part) in minority report where criminals are put in like a nice ai world for good.
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    @Nanos lol, true, that sounds like an awful afterlife to those people.
    There's other people though that spend their whole lives griefing over parents.
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    Then one guy wants to write something to non-existent notebook in that heave-

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
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    I learned quickly in life at an early age that death is part of the cycle of life, and a common event.

    As such I grew used to it, and while I missed family, friends and pets, I learned to get over it quickly and move on with my life.

    I think being in an environment where death was seen as a normal every day event, people took it in their stride and was not grief stricken for long.

    To me, it just reminds me to try and enjoy life as best I can, for while I'm here to be able to.

    At my age, a friend or two dies every week.

    One reason I like younger friends, they last longer. :-)
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    @Nanos I did not grow up in such environment, but wished I did
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    @Nanos in fact, the few death related events that I had to witness were pretty traumatic

    The last one was witnessing my grandma's last moments.
    She was catatonic, with her eyes open, and gasping for air with her chest going in and out.
    She seemed to be in pain also.

    A pretty horrifying image. I would have expected her to be on anesthesia by the that time. It was a public hospital, so I guess they didn't have a lot of money for the anesthesia, or didn't have the cleanest procedure in place.

    Regardless, when I think of death, I think of that image of my grandma looking like shit, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
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    Dystopian plot twist:
    Everybody finds out they are already in this state, and now recursively put themselves into machines
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    Difficult for me to comment without coming across as a heartless tyrant..

    One of the things I rejoice is when I hear the death of an enemy, one who not that I hate, but who hates me.
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    When I think of death, I think of the many who gave their lives so that we may live today.

    As such, I consider it our duty to think of those who come to live after us.

    That war is a wasteful inefficient method of annealing our DNA, but one that is currently the best working solution to preventing us from degrading back into dinosaurs.

    Can we not escape evolution and find another more peaceful way to cooperate and help each other, without the need to conquer.

    This beacon here should light the way to a better future, to show what is possible when we are not fighting each other, but instead, helping each other.
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    Imagine, you're already in it, and this 'life' is the state mandated religious training before you're let out of the simulation in order to go on to be a good little muppet for society.

    And if you fail, they just send your mind to dev/null.

    Tim:"Boss - more of the grey meat is idling again"

    John:"What the hell Tim, what'd you fuck up this time?"

    Tim:"Nothing, someone in the simulation just came up with a new service called 'netflix and chil.'

    John:"Motherfucker, this is the fifth time. REBOOT THE GOD DAMN SIMULATION AGAIN. All these morons are gonna come out spewing memes like that one infovirus from before, you know the one.."

    Tim:"Rick and morty?"

    John:"Yeah that one."

    Tim:"Holy cow, I didn't know hanging out with you was making me smarter."

    John:"Shut the fuck up Tim."
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