Only one kind of professional should operate on production environments: surgeons.

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    All the rest should be amateurs then? :)
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    I'm sure EOD and swat's bomb disposal squad would love to agree with you here 🤔
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    Anything below my comments disagreeing about it. I will fuck up their production on a big table.
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    Call me Dr @C0D4

    The production surgeon you need when your code goes to hell.
    That's 1800-555-C0D4

    Traumas and conditions apply.
    @C0D4 is not liable or responsible for your production servers being blown away.
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    @Nanos they have a unique situation. If the f up they are gonna die... Just imagine if us coders had the same situation... You go to work and strap yourself into an electric chair. One committed bug and the mains voltage gets pumped into your veins :P
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