Coming from a Java background learning C#.

The only question is, why? Why do I have to be so verbose when defining 'virtual' methods?

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    You mean just adding "virtual" to the method? You should be rejoicing that you have real properties.
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    To make things really clear and to avoid accidental fuck ups; be it by you or some-one else if you're working on a team...?
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    C# is verbose, but no more than Java.

    *Sips auto properties cup*
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    coming from C#, what do you mean verbose?
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    coming from verbose, what do you mean C# ?
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    Also, you don't have to use virtual/override; you can just shadow the base implementation by adding a method with the same signature (to which your ide should say "hey, add a new keyword if you really wanted to do that but if you don't that's cool too")
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