How many hours per day do you sit down?

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    Too many
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    I usually sit down only a few minutes per day.
    The same for standing up :P
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    Too many. Way too many. I'm not even 18 yet and I need to pay attention to my neck in order to have less issues with it later in life.
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    @TylerDDevRant I guess that leaves laying down, you're one of those Greek High Priests aren't ya? Enjoy your grapes 'n shit xD
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    Most of them
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    After I heard how couple of guys died basically because of sitting (don't remeber exact medical explanation but basically blood vessels clogging), I sit much less than I used to.
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    I have a sit-stand desk, so it varies. Usualy - at least 6 hours/day.
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    @netikras You are lucky my friend. Is it from the company or do you work at home?
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    @thatguyatwork almost everyone at our office have them :)
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    @UvaishZafri It doesn't work that way sorry..
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    @netikras omg... you guys are so spoiled. We get something that supposed to look like a chair...
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    @thatguyatwork naah, we aren't spoiled. Just today I've noticed my elbows do not reach my chair's armrests. This is so unergonomic... I can't believe we have under such conditions....

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    @netikras Most bosses don't care that much about their employees. Because those desks cost to much...
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    @thatguyatwork Usualy - yes. But that's only one of great parts of working in a software development company :) We are cared for. we are looked after. We are living in warm and wet conditions, to have everything we need -- all this just to keep us happy. Because a happy employee is more productive, more motivated and is less likely to leave for better perks in another company ;)
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    @netikras Yep, I should show this to my boss :)
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    Just gonna say this: Take care of your back.
    If you're waist is leaned forward too much, you're asking for back pain. Same goes for shoulders and neck.
    If you have any of it, and you also do sports on top of it, it's just a matter of time for back problems.
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    Don't you mean sit up ?
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    Well there were days where I did sit down after getting out of bed and only stood up to get to toilet, kitchen or bed again..

    Well, now I bought myself a MiBand that notices me every hour or two that 'it is time to move'. And then I often get up and work out on my cross trainer for twenty minutes.

    It really feels good, I can just recommend it :)
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