While studying business information technology (useless btw), we had to take these exams with Microsoft Office programs.

When it was time for Excel exam, we were given this sheet of instructions on what to do, and it even listed the exact functions you had to use.

The fun started when I realized that my Windows installation was in English, so my Excel installation was also in English. The instruction sheet and the functions listed in it were in my native language.

Because Excel is probably the shittiest thing ever made, this is the part where you know you are fucked. The functions listed in the instructions don't even exist in the English version (same goes vice versa btw), so what can you do?

You implement the fucking functions. Never used VB before that day, and never will again.

But I got a perfect score.

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    Btw, if you ever have to implement an Excel worksheet (or whatever it is called), and it has to work on all language versions of Excel, this is the way you have to do it. At least in 2010.

    I really don't understand why the local function names aren't just aliases to the original functions...
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    @k1sul1 because microsoft, that's why
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