I am so glad that i learned at middleschool how to use excel😂

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    Tables in MS Word.
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    @Alice I’ve heard about pulling data from excel, but never have I though about word
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    The real one is json in a docx that's embedded in an excel file
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    Data embedded in pixels of image
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    Excel is actually a good db... If possible the open source version. Has password and you can make a gui inside the tables to see and filter data.
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    @Alice the real one is actually PowerPoint tables
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    CSV 💪
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    @Alice no no, the REAL one

    Handwritten csv in notepad
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    Where is CSV with no quotes?
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    I've been through school, college and a couple of courses and I don't know how to use excel properly. I suck at it, tbh
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    Multiple unencrypted .txt files in dozens of folders on FTP server accessed without SSH
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    Pffffff, proprietary File with no documentation and entirely defined in code
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