Was on a call today...nobody knew who owned or was responsible for one of the servers. My manager has a great way of finding out...he says "If I take my hammer and smash the server to pieces...who gets pissed." A moment of silence then someone speaks up..."Oh well then that would be Joe down the hall."

That my friends is how to get answers. Threaten to break things.

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    We don't know who owns that namespace in the cluster, but sir...

    "So I need to smash the server?"

    Sir it's a kubernetes cluster, if you smash one server the application will be started on another node in the system

    "Then I'll just have to smash every server? Get me my hammer..."

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    We used to shut servers down if the real owner didn't feel like identifying himself :) a few minutes after shutdown both the owner and all the services become known to everyone :)

    and if the owner is still silent, it means server was unused and is now on a decomission queue ;)
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    @netikras Yep. Also a very good tactic. Break it and see who complains first.
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    Well played :D
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    "Threaten to break things."

    Somehow that reminds me of my ex 🤣
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    ah the good ol' "Scream test"
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