That awkward moment when your Java class mentions "SUCC"

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    Colleges are one of the sources of such sucky naming convention syndrome
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    I think we used fwd and bwd in C++ for doubly linked lists, in C# I use System.Collections.Generic.List<T>.
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    From the slide, it looks like Carol succs Bob.
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    @Robinha The entire diagram looks like a penis
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    @JohnScott POOP - pragmatic object oriented programming
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    Just name the variable predecessor and successor? Like what do you gain from shortening it.
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    @pez-dispenser a little space on the slides. A teacher of mine used to use up the alphabet when going through a single slide deck. He said it made the slides easier to understand
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    @korrat haha wow. That doesn’t sound like it would make anything easier to understand.

    Yeah fair point, I can see that being applicable on some slides. In this case though it already uses the words predecessor and successor so surely it could be rephrased.

    Maybe I’m just being pedantic.
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    I don't even wanna know the kind of variable names over at Facebook
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