What do python developer's store their food in

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    ok so this may be my simple, southern perspective here but the only thing we put in a flask is alcohol. Unless of course, that is what you meant....

    If that's the case, then my next question is where is the best place to start learning python 🤔
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    @M1sf3t look at swaroops python tutorial. Then go for a project regarding the things you would want to do, be it network devel, web development(flask or django are great starting points there), ml/statistics/data analysis, pentesting etc.

    The language is pretty easy to learn.
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    Never heard of a flask used for something other than alcohol or some sort of liquid
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    @AleCx04 you know honestly at this point I think all I want to do is sit here and drink.

    You know I joked a few weeks ago about everyone starting to talk about vue after finally giving in and starting to study react....

    So I'm looking at job postings a couple days ago, because fuck turning anymore wrenches, and what'd ya know one of the three, maybe four enterprise level companies we have in this shithole town with enough ass to hire for this sorta thing, is actually looking for a developer to work on the app they apparently have in the works.

    The description of the thing even sounded a lot like the app I've been scheming over the past two years. Same function at least, different industry. What's it built on.... Goddamned angular 🙄
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    Not all food. Some of us store pickles on shelves.
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    @M1sf3t there is nothing wrong with Angular. As far as JS frontend apps go, Angular os pretty good. Its got some solid mvc principles in it that i really dig and would be great to know :)
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    @AleCx04 Your right, there's not really anything wrong with angular its just the thought of trying to dive into another framework when I'm in the middle of learning another.

    Compounded slightly by the fact that the morning immediately following the night I wrote my first react app, the original person pushing toward react sends me a text that essentially said he had finally tried angular and that maybe I should in fact go with that since after all I had messed with it a little learning firebase and I could also get the material plugin for sketch(an argument I had been making for going on two months 🤦🏻‍♂️).

    In any case, I think Im just going to go back and get more familiar js in general. I crashed my way through learning it the first time and I found myself running into quite a bit I didn't know when I started trying to tinker with the apps the tutorials were having me build.
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    Then again I may take a break from the web entirely and try to learn something thats hopefully a little less chaotic right now. I hear 8 bit gaming is pretty stable 🙄
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