Update on my rant from yesterday where I mailed my hosting admin that I got blocked.
I am not offended
Check out the whole conversation. Its by far the best converstation over mail.

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    That's a good way to communicate with your clients lol 🙃 didn't his parents teach him basic manners?
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    Based on the convo it is obvious that some think that bullying is the way to prove their point.

    *looks for peanuts*
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    @Elyz it was the most childish reply i had 😂
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    @redman never saw anyone who is mad over phpinfo 😂
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    @xerex09 LOL ... neither have I 😂😂

    And thus is their response the more offensive instead of recognising they made a mistake and saying, "oops, we overreacted".
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    That's great and all but now I'm stuck in an endless loop of clicking the link to the original post and from there the link to this post and so on... Kinda looking for help here 😨
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    @xaero Okay ... take a deep breath and then click here: http://devrant.com
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    Helpdesk guy''s text reminds me mister washee washee from family guy
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    Wait, it's a free hosting, right? So "hackers" can simply create an account and look at this "secret" phpinfo?
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    Why the heck would sensitive data be exposed through phpinfo ? Maybe you should change provider, that one seems really incompetent. (phpinfo might make it obvious that the server runs outdated and insecure software but the solution to that is to update said software, not ban the use of phpinfo (hackers probably won't read it anyway, its easier for them to just test all known vulnerabilities against multiple hosts and see what sticks)
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    Hosting provider: does not allow setting phpinfo as main page

    Also hosting provider: does not restrict users from publishing phpinfo as main page
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    I would freely expose eval and let people go to town. See if they catch that.
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    @gronostaj yeah, freely 😂
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    @ItsNotMyFault just don't want to change my nameservers as they take a long time to process. but i have to do it anyway
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    What a bunch of incompetent, impolite and non-professional fucktards. Not worth paying a single cent, that's why it's for free. Considering the hassle with them, for free is still too expensive.
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    Lol he says "didnt they teach you to say please", when you already said "please" two emails before.

    "Didnt they teach you to read, you rude fuckwit." would be my response.

    And @gronostaj is right, its a free fucking host, hackers can just make an account and check phpinfo. Lmfao
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    Never have I seen such a small amount of power go to someone's head outside of an episode of The Office.
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    @Quirinus haha. I was about to upgrade to premium account. and then the last mail made me go like wtf 🤣
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    @zyrolasting kids these days 😂
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    This text reads so childish and immature
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    @Frederick there’s no need to as long as you’re with a good host.
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    You should tell him that you were going to upgrade before this debacle. 😂
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    @Quirinus Wondering what would have happened if I paid. 🤔
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    From the ToS: can't use IRC, that attracts bad traffic.

    No using their storage for images.

    Nothing offensive or anything that links to something offensive. So no news, reports on terrorism, whatever.

    No ponzi schemes.
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    Noo way 😂😂😂
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