fuck VBA, fuck retard business users, who think it's proper to use it in 2019....
fuck them all, with their "save money" shit, then expect old shit to work "like at google".... let's STOP USING SHITTY LEGACY TECH, JUST BECAUSE THE LEADERS ARE TOO INCOMPETENT AND NEVER INVOLVE TECHNICAL PEOPLE FOR SELECTING SOFTWARES / SOLUTIONS....
Go back to the 80s and give'em a terminal to work... I'd like to see those fuckasses in pain....

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    while typing the post, just heard: "I can make a macro for that"....
    just 1.5 months and I'll be free from this hellhole...
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    Well yea, but without it I would still be spending 2-3 hours a day manually building spreadsheets instead of 20 seconds.
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    Are you in Italy by any chance? 😅
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