Hm.. I wonder if maybe Google finally hired a deaf person....

This stuff is the main reason I wanted to work for Google.

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    Sometimes they do come out with some truly fantastic shit. G fucking G.
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    That is so cool.
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    @ihatecomputers it's also going to kill a lot of companies that were developing this stuff because Google wouldn't... Until now... Sort of like what Amazon did.

    Guess now they see there's actually a lot of demand so now they want the whole cake.

    Now I just need Home Mini to be able to detect doorbells and fire alarms...
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    If only they weren’t a terrorist organization
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    > Also being added to phone calls.

    Where is all of this speech processing happening?
    If it's not local, that's called a wiretap, and is unconstitutional (without a warrant) here in the US.
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    @Root u can probably opt out. And I'm pretty sure you need to opt in, turn it on?

    Google Voice has it for voice mail for at least 5 years.

    But basically just an Accessibility feature.
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    @Root They say the processing happens on the device.
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    @cafecortado Hey, that's awesome.
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    @cafecortado wait what??? No way... Gotta try this
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    @cafecortado yes turn on airplane mode... No way it can handle on a device. I actually built one many years ago that was device only. The problem is even if it was good, it would take forever and overheat your phone.

    And supporting every language... unlikely. That's like having Google Translate in your pocket.
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    @cafecortado actually wait.. Wing post... I was thinking LiveTrans ribe...

    Hm... That could be interesting but I still don't logically see it...
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