What is your preffered way of branching and potential integration of issue tracking?
Just curious to see as this topic causes a lot of discussions in office the last days.

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    Survival of the quickest, whoever commits fastest to master is the one who's lucky enough not to have to deal with conflicts

    In all seriousness, at work we have a Jira board where issues are added by staff, we create feature/bugfix/hotfix branches from there and pr them to develop. When deploying we merge develop into master and then it's done.
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    @alexbrooklyn also known as gitflow workflow. The only workflow lol
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    Push everything to master.

    ...joking. don't @ me
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    Thx...for the comments so far. Do you rebase or merge, what is your preffered way and why? How do you handle variants?
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    @oxmox I use merge. Each bugfixes or features has its own branch, so far even on very large application I don't have to deal with conflicts
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