btw, i'm still using jquery

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    As long as you can develop web apps without it, I don’t see the problem
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    Using it right now together with .net MVC. A blast from the past. I used to love it, so it's kinda nostalgic. Hope I'll get to build proper web apps in React soon tho.
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    @ihatecomputers yeah react/vue/angular is uglier with mvc, althought I usually go vanilla with it
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    I removed jQuery this year from my private website and rewrote the only medium-sized widget that needed jQuery in favour of vanilla JS. Took me two days, but then I'm not much into JS anyway.
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    @ihatecomputers 'blast from the past', lol. This is my life!
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    I sometimes play Donkey Kong. It's good.
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    What does the fact that I'm just trying to learn it make me?
    I'm trying to figure out how eCommerce works and most sites seem to use it over others.
    Is it outdated because of security or performance issues?
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    @borzaszto It's fine if it's what you need but usually you can get away with built-in functions nowadays because cross-browser compatibility is good (depending on how far back you have to go, of course), and for more complex scenarios you'd benefit from using something like React to handle state and updates.
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