What the hell Windows !!!
I go for a 15 minutes break, and you decide to close everything and make an update??

Let me do my job you sob.

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    "Your fault for going AFK like this!"
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    One does not do anything that goes under the category "job" on Windows.
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    I think you know what I need to say now, right?
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    Group policies. I doubt you use Home version at work.
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    It's windows.
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    Have you set your active hours properly? That did the trick for me.
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    I use arch btw
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    I really thought I'd bought the farm yesterday arvo when my laptop was 'bye bye' for oh, three hours, doing an update. Seems fine today. But I'm reminded of the scene at the beginning of the first "Aliens" movie, after the guy had a thing invade his space suit, and he's sitting with his crew members eating dinner. The thing that invaded his space suit grew in his stomach at exited his body that way, ripping open his stomach. HE thought all was well...
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