Am I the only one who loves documenting their work? I mean I just absolutely love making Github gists, man!
It helps in the backend-frontend integration and in communication between teams that is necessary for frictionless progress towards our common goal.

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    Just so we're clear, this is 100% serious and isn't sarcasm?
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    @Stuxnet 100% serious. I fucking love documentation (reading and writing it). When I see good API docs, I just know that I'm gonna have a fun day.
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    @rajj word.

    More people need that attitude even if it's 66% love it lmao
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    @devTea idk man. Some people enjoy doing what most consider torturous.

    My professor read the 96 page Congressional Report on the Equifax breech for fun lol
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    @Stuxnet I see something like that as a gift since no one likes to do it, but the one we mostly need
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