That moment when you ask your friend if he/she has plugged it in and they say yes and your answer is ”send a picture” and they respond with this....

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    ROFL 😂😂
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    Haha very good and accurate. Yes.
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    People are fucking dumb sometimes.
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    A perpetual cabling machine.
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    It's DSub's fault. Who told them to make the cable male on both ends?
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    I do wonder what goes through their minds other than the fact that the input look the same, why would a machine need a cable to connect 2 points from the outside if that could have just been done from inside
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    When I moved from domain/sysadmin to development, I came back to find the airheaded chick my boss replaced me with did this with a monitor cable (DVI<->VGA) and couldn't figure out why it wasn't turning on.

    I know why she got "promoted" 🙄
    Big boobs, skinny waist, totally empty head.
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    @Root omg 😅
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    @Root brains are expensive on da black market
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