So my friends PC died, since he lives in another country I help him over Signal.

He assembled his own PC a year ago and does a lot of programming for his study. Today Im helping him troubleshoot why his pc does not boot. Does it get into the bootmenu or not? He knows it doesnt. Then I recommend him to try unplugging his graphics card and plug his monitor in the motherboard. I then get a question if there are two HDMI types. Im smiling and think he is messing with me. That must be a displayport. Nope he was serious, he has this HDMI cable that doesnt fit his motherboard.

I sat in a tram and laugh out loud.. Because this is what he send me.
If it was anyone who didnt do anything with computers I didnt think it was laughable, but come on every programmer should know the difference between HDMI and DisplayPort

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    Sad but LOL
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    In one of the interviews for a training to become an “IT specialist for systems integration” (translated from german) they actually put a PC in front of me and asked me to explain all the ports and components. It was a pretty renowned science center though. Maybe if they did this everywhere people would know this stuff better, but usually there's just a 10 minute written test that might ask you what a mainboard is but not to differentiate HDMI from Display Port.
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    To be perfectly honest first time I saw DP cable in my life (i didnt know dp existed, it was very fresh thing) I was like...

    and the fuck happened to this cable? its... umm... cable to something I guess?

    google -> "dp cable" (it had dp written on it) -> extract info

    oooooooohhh... okay. I guess I may need it at some point :P
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    Now I know what's a DisplayPort
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    I think I learned this from some screen/graphics card review on LinusTechTips
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    Unfortunately display port is used very rarely outside companies. And even at work, devices with DP may or may not be used.

    One should still know, but let's forgive anyone who doesn't :)
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    Today i found out it is not strange to not know what a DisplayPort cable is as technical person.
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    look, it's got the SATA notch out the bottom of one side
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    @Parzi it looks like that in the picture. DisplayPort has that notch too, but on both sides
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    Just for people's reference...
    Left, DP
    Right, HDMI

    Both are the Male connectors.
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    @Conrad oh

    got excited for nothing...

    also thanks for ++ #3000 :D
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    dp === non propreity hdmi.
    why the fuck did they make hdmi like that? reasons. DRM is fucking one of them.
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    Haha what a fool! *takes notes*
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    DP is awesome... and also pretty fucking expensive
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